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Central air conditioners circulate cool air through a duct system (i.e., duct and return ducts) transfering heat from a inside your home to the outside. Air conditioning unit is responsable mainly the cooling portion of the unit. Air conditioning plays a big role in dehumudifing your house.  A central air conditioner is either a split-system or a package unit.

Types of Central Air Conditioners  
Split system
– an central air-conditioning has an outdoor unit made of a metal cabinet that contains a Compressor and a Condenser Coil that match with an indoor cabinet that contains a evaporator coil.  Gas, oil, or electric strip heating may be included in straight cool systems to perform the heating cycle.
Package unit – an self-contain central air conditioning system that includes an evaporator, condenser, compressor and a blower unit. A package air conditioning system is typicly located on a side of the house or on top of the roof.  
Mini-split system – similar to a regular split system but without any ducts, sometimes also called ductless unit.
What about the heating of the house? The heating your home is done different methods depending on what you are currently using. It could be Oil or Gas Furnace that is match with an air conditioner unit utilizing the same ductwork to perform both task. Some other unit have a electrical heat element or a heat pump system that uses that same evaporator coil to cool your home but reversing the refrigerant cycle perform the heating portion.

Air Conditioner

Split Systems

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